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     About GHAITH

Our Vision

To be the premier quality provider of full service water treatment and environmental services dedicated to the commercial and institutional market.

Our Mission
GHAITH mission is to consistently provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost effective and sustainable, water treatment products and services to our valued customers, in order to satisfy their specific water service delivery needs and objectives.


  • Customer focus
    Every employee is customer driven. We always aim to keep the client informed through fair and open communication.

  • Performance
    We measure our performance through the global satisfaction of our customers. We define clear, measurable and realistic objectives and do our best to exceed them. We seek to optimize the use of our employees' skills and communicate regularly on the results and achievements at every level of the organization.

  • Technical excellence & Innovation
    We differentiate by providing the most appropriate technical solutions and we view innovation as the best way to maintain our leadership. We will always ensure that we select the best technologies for a specific project. We value and reward creativity and encourage people to suggest improvements to our technologies and methods. We constantly monitor the market's evolution and the client's needs.

  • Responsibility
    Our people are involved and accountable. Managers and employees define clear responsibilities and objectives during performance appraisals. Leading by example is the best way of developing our employees' sense of responsibility, and the foundations of our every-day actions are based upon our core values and principles.

  • Transparency
    Information is voluntarily shared in an atmosphere of openness, trust and dedication. We aim to provide all necessary information in a timely manner and to ensure those people who need to know, do know. We also wish to share and capitalize on all experiences.

  • Personal recognition
    We respect, recognize and develop our people. We provide feedback to all employees, measure their efforts and recognize achievements. We also allocate resources to promote and develop the career opportunities they deserve.

  • Cohesion from diversity
    Diversity permeates all business activities: diversity of markets and customers; diversity of technological solutions; diversity of businesses and activities; diversity of origins, languages and cultures.
    Our aim is to turn diversity into an asset by taking advantage of our diversity as a source of enrichment, whether diversity of approach, experience, or solution. To achieve this we are committed to develop a networking attitude, to establish a resource pool of talent and to encourage job rotation between the group's business units.



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