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Water Dispenser

@ Micro filtration Sediment Removal

@ Organic Chemical Removal

@Reverse Osmosis Inorganic Chemical Removal

@ Ultraviolet & Activated Oxygen Disinfection.

Brackish water Plant range :

Our new NSF certified, Water dispenser beat the competition for price and performance! Specialist for home, office, restaurant & schools. Including a top of the line RO system. Provides high quality drinking water with capacity up to 50 gallons per day. Comes with attractive storage tank and necessary installation hardware.

Three tap (Hot – Cool – Worm)

     Energy Save Mode

     Hot Tank 2,5  to 5 Liters

     Cold Tank 2 to 9 Liters

     Solenoid valve ”.

     Cold Water Temp 4C

     Hot Water Temp 85C-100C

     Drop tray.

     Push-in Tube Fittings.

     Dimension (mm)    (L*W*H) 390X400X515

     Display Screen (Consumption, service alarm, Timer and hot & cold adjustment.

     Power, Cold, Hot & Service light indicator.

Interconnecting piping and valves between the equipments (Installation Kit)

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