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UV: Ultra Violet light System for Non-Chemical Water Sterilization.


     Provides disinfection without chemicals

     Reduces harmful bacteria & virus by 99.9%

     Electronic ballasts for constant output

     Improved surge protection

     Annual lamp replacement reminder

     Polished 304 stainless steel

     Easy servicing

     No need to disconnect flow to replace lamps

     Open end quarts sleeves

     Aluminum base for quick and easy service

     Wide range of flow rates

     Optional models with monitors available



Water Tanks Cleaning & Disinfection


Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal legion Ella.

Neglected Water tanks, reservoirs and in particular cooling towers are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease, as bacteria proliferates in contaminated or stagnant conditions.
We use the very latest methods of Cleaning, disinfection technique & modern disinfection chemical to ensure a superior level of hygiene, stripping of layers of bio-film known to harbor the legion Ella bacteria, whilst being safer, environmentally-friendly and better value for money.



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